‘TrueHorror’ is a game that is in both available on apple and android. with your purchase you get the full game of 10 choose your own path narrated stories with no advertisement.

ios2<Click!!! apple appstore link>

googlePlay-e1423000313115<Click!!! google playstore link>

The game is played while using headphones while listening to true horror stories with your choice determining the outcome of the story ‘if you live or die’. The audio is made with narrators and voice actors and stylised cinematic sound effects. !

There are 10 stories to play through with extra content if you make it through alive!

The stories are derived from true events and was inspired by reddit ‘lets not meet’.

If this first app release becomes popular I’m planning on doing a series of at least 10 apps. ranging from horror, thriller, action and drama. with stories involving supernatural, hitman, true crime, alien to name a few ideas.

I want the upcoming fans of this game to give ideas and even upload there own stories and experiences which I will put into future game.


  1. Will there be a first release so I can download for free before the world finds this cool game and the price goes up?

    I can’t wait for release.

    Can you post some images of characters or screen shots of The game?


    1. Thanks for the enquiry Matthew 🙂 you can download onto windows if you install BlueStacks so you can Play Android Games on PC. … Once you install it, you can run BlueStacks into a separate window on your Windows desktop. The BlueStacks environment is very similar to that of Android. It allows you to connect with Google Play store and install the apps and games at you emulator.
      hope this helps


  2. This app is so great!!! I always die with my decisions but my husband always lives when I give him the option to pick…. guess that’s why I keep him around…. now we have a little contest going I’ll play the round first by myself and then have him play and see if he does better (he always does 🙄.) The only person worse than me is my twin sister and there you have it, we are kinda like the same person anyway! thanks for the fun game let’s read, you never disappoint 😁


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